Old House, Blue House, Red House New House

Our old house in Pointe Claire Village

Our old house in Pointe Claire Village

Today I told Andy the news the house was officially sold and that the offer and counter offer on our home was approved by the buyer.

We have been e-mailing and phoning daily. Andy sent pictures of the house provided to us as part of the teachers’ package, of the neighbourhood and of his students’ projects.

Our new home house looks remarkably like our old house, but a hundred years younger and it’s red, instead of blue. The new house stands boldly upright, not stooped, its old, aching bones bent from years of heavy snow buildup, ice storms, earth tremors and just general tiredness. After almost two years of dealing with real estate agents, potential buyers, inspectors, and the City of Pointe Claire, it is sold!

First, I tell my family, waiting for after the final signing at the notary’s office to inform my colleagues and human resources at work that I would be leaving.

“What will you DO up there?” My aunt asked.

“Is it safe?”  From my mom.

“Where are we going to have Christmas dinners and BBQ’s and Sunday potlucks?”

“It will be an adventure,” I tell them all. “And I am very excited!”


3 thoughts on “Old House, Blue House, Red House New House

  1. Do you have any picture of your house in Mistissini? I will be teaching there next year and am SO curious about what the housing will be like.

    • Julia, the house we had was not standard teacher housing. Most likely you’ll have either a house or semi-attached with two bedrooms. There was a housing shortage and we were offered this one, which was a police officer’s home. He rented it to the Cree School Board. You’ll need to bring dishes, towels, bedding, etc. We weren’t sure, and didn’t bring dishes. I wish you lots of luck!

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