St. Hubert’s Hot Greasy Gravy


My last day of work and the two longest weeks of my working career.

I will miss the many special people who have touched my life, however, fleetingly, in my many years in the CA industry. I will especially miss my lovely office space, shared with my colleague at MNP, overlooking Mount Royal.

I overheard my colleague planning my going away lunch with another co-worker. “We should go to Rueben’s”, she whispered into the phone. “There’s lots of space.”

With the new found bravery of someone not known to be demanding, I boldly interrupted with “How about St. Hubert BBQ ’s down by Windsor Station?”

“You want to go THERE?”

How long would it be before I can soak my soggy fries into that salty brew of gravy and eat the white, sterile meat of chicken breast.  And the sugar pie?  No contest!


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