Stuff, Stuff and more STUFF!

Frank from Martel Express came to take an inventory of our move requirements. We were permitted 228 kilos each to Mistissini. The rest of our worldly goods would be stored at Trois Rivières.

I asked if this was an unusual amount that would go into storage.

“Yes,” he said. “Most people keep their homes, rent them out or have family members stay in them.”

Family and friends offer to help packing.

“It’s not the packing that will be the problem,” I explained to the well-intentioned offers of time. “The packing will be taken care of the movers. It’s the sorting … what goes to Mistissini, what to put into storage, and what to recycle, donate and discard. Only I can do that.”

How much stuff do two people need?  We had held onto much too much, thinking that eventually our children would like sets of dishes, pots, cutlery, bedding. But the latest generation, moving out on their own, prefer things fresh out of a box, IKEA, if possible.

I find myself sorting piles and moving things from room to room, not making a decision. 228 kilos – our computers, favourite books, clothing, would pretty much fill up that quota.

It is amazing what we tuck away in the corners and crevices of our lives. Boxes of photos, school reports, mementos of trips, piles of scrapbooking material, waiting to be pasted and sorted, clothes and shoes that should have found their way to Renaissance by now. It’s a cleansing experience, but oops … I may need my favourite wooden spoon up there.  And there’s that book I want to reread … one day.


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