Here Kitty, kitty

Spit Fire Hell  CatSweet SchatziI was able to foster out and find adoptive homes for all my plants. The movers assured us that the plants would not survive the trip. That left us with the cats. We had discussed bringing them; however, the roving dogs, trips back and forth between Montreal and Mistissini would prove to be problematic, especially for our outdoor cat.

Sami (aka “Spit” as in spit fire hell cat) would be fostered to adopt by the two girls next door. Spit has spent many of her afternoons with the girls, helping them with their homework and lying flat out on the piano for her lessons. Spit is a hunter and very territorial, so this arrangement was ideal.

Sweet little Schatzi has found a warm, loving home with my mother. My mom has always had dogs, so it’s been an adjustment process.  They are developing a companionable co-existence, in spite of my mother’s complaints that Schatzi “talks too much” and insists on sleeping on her bed.


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