Baseball Bats and Crystal Stemware

Why did Andy pack his old baseball bat? And what are those boxes of crystal stemware, intended for storage, doing here? The doorbell rang. Andy’s fellow teacher stopped by to welcome him back. I smile and thank him, and invite him in. He says goodbye and leaves rather abruptly. After shutting the door, I realized that I had been talking to him clutching a baseball bat.

As I continued to unpack, it became apparent that my dry goods, baking supplies, and teas were sent into storage at Trois Rivières. I look forward to checking out the local grocery store to replenish my supplies.

Meechum was not much unlike the grocery store at Pointe Claire Village. After loading up on baking supplies, I checked out the meat counter. What was I expecting? Beaver burgers and standing rib moose roasts? Just plain hamburger meat, stewing beef and chicken on white styrofoam, wrapped in cellophane.

We took a very short drive around town. It comforted me to know that I could not possibly get lost. If I walked in a circle long enough, I would always end up back home. We stopped A.D.E.L.S. for fresh coffee and homemade cherry pie and lemon cheese cake. The crust had an unusual texture and taste, and then I remembered the large white containers of cooking lard at the grocery store. Maybe that’s what made the crust taste so good.


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