Celtic Love Spoon and Warm Mitts

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day!  Andy presented me with beautiful hide mitts, with soft grey fur lining. These mitts are meant to be worn over regular mitts and fit easily over parka sleeves. They can be slipped off, offering more dexterity when operating machinery outside, etc. The braided rope keeps them from getting lost in the snow.

Also, my sweetie carved a Welsh (Celtic) love spoon. His students took a break from regular work to carve these spoons, and I am sure that many sweethearts in the community received one …

In return, I cooked a lovely Indian dinner. I had a recipe for curry (I use beef; however, the original recipe probably calls for goat) given to me by an Indian woman from South Africa I had worked with at Calgary General Hospital eons ago. It is an especially good recipe, as it requires freshly ground tomatoes to be added just before serving, giving the dish a fresh appeal. Along with that, was a chicken korma with cauliflower, dal with spinach, and basmati rice. For appetizers, we had samosas, brought frozen from Alain’s Depanneur in Pointe Claire Village.  Of course, this necessitated a couple of cold Belgian beers …


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