Fresh Moose at the Door

We were cleaning up after dinner when the doorbell rang. One of Andy’s students stood in the hallway, holding out a Ziploc bag of deep burgundy meat.

He had been hunting, he explained, with four guys and they took a moose.

“Where?” I asked.

He described a trip of about 100 km. by truck and another 100 km. or so by skidoo.  It took them four days.

We were touched by his generosity and thanked him profusely. I ran into the basement and pulled a frozen lemon loaf out of the freezer to offer in appreciation.

After he left we wondered … should we have accepted this meat?  It was an unsolicited gift from a student, and we didn’t offer money.

Maybe I should do some more baking … you don’t know what might appear next. Ground bear or beaver tails?


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