The Wolves are Back in Town

I want to ski across the lake alone today … to explore the other side.

The previous evening, Andy mentioned that he heard there’s a couple of wolves hanging around town. This area has been pretty much hunted out and predatory animals are hungry enough to take out local dogs.

One of Andy’s students had told him how he was out with his four dogs, when a decoy coyote/wolf lured his dogs into the bush where the pack was waiting in ambush. He heard a lot of barking, then high-pitched shrill screams … only two dogs returned. The next day, the owner went into the bush, and only found the muzzle of one of the missing dogs.

“I really liked that dog,” he said.


4 thoughts on “The Wolves are Back in Town

  1. Would you be safe skiing on your own across the lake when there are hungry wolves out there looking for a delicious dessert? I know you love wolves and think of them as non-attackers, but I still prefer to think of them as little-red-riding-hood-eaters when it comes to your safety! How about taking a moose head with you to throw at them if they come too close?

  2. A friend of mine told me about coyotes using that trick on the local dogs… and she lives in Los Angeles! Coyotes are wily!

  3. They are Wile E. (Coyote) all right. I was very surprized to hear that they take out local dogs, as they are both predators and distant cousins. I did a quick wiki search to discover that wolves and coyotes have evolved independently; wolves in Eurasia, and coyotes on this continent. Never gave it much thought … but now i wonder how hungry these coyotes are when I am out on my long walks …

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