Visitation Day

The Cree School Board PR people in Montreal asked if I could photograph at an open house held at the woodworking shop.

I’ve never considered myself a photographer. All I have are the applications on my playbook and cell phone, as well as little digital camera. My photographs have been limited to pictures of the kids, family festivities, and of course, vacation vistas, with Andy and I grinning in the foreground, taken by other tourists.

I had an assistant to gather permission forms and help set up a welcoming station for registration and information. Thankfully, she took pages of notes so I could identify visitors, by their characteristics and clothing (ie, man in blue t-shirt and black jacket, with baseball hat – wears glasses) and was able to match up the subject with the appropriate name on the permission form. (See my Pages for “Pictures”).

It was fun, but I’d rather stick to writing … or perhaps obtain a better camera and perhaps take a photography course as well.


4 thoughts on “Visitation Day

  1. Yes, check under “Pictures.” The first batch are not mine, but I thought they were really interesting. The other two “Murray’s Lodge” and “Visitation Day” are my attempts at photography. No, no, I will leave the great Annie to her work. Picture taker, I am not, but I love to tell stories!

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