Waiting Forever in the Clinic

I visited the community clinic this morning for a minor recurring annoyance.

I plunked myself down beside a young mother with a little girl of about two, all bundled in pink, quiet as a little lamb.

One of Andy’s students, already seated, yelled, “Hey Andi! What are you doing here?”

Remember:  upfront – direct questions.

Do I really want to tell a clinic full of waiting patients why I am here?

I mumble something and quickly busy myself showing the little girl a playbook game involving jumping animals.

“Is it your first?” I smiled at the girl’s mother. She barely looked old enough to be out of high school.

“Oh, no,” she said. “It is my fourth. My oldest is 14 and I have a younger one at home.”

After 4 ½ hours it is finally my turn, but I lose it, because I am watching the little girl while her mom slipped out for a quick smoke. What’s another hour or two?


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