No Longer Homeless

We are homeowners again!

Our original intent was to purchase a van for overnighting on our trips up Rte. Nord towards James Bay and the Trans-Taiga Hwy.

Andy was seeking a comfortable alternative to our years of ground camping, and I wanted something that would protect me from bears. I have encountered too many and too closely for comfort (bear stories anyone?)

My brother in Montreal checked several vans for us, but they were rusty, ill-maintained, and generally awful. After much research and discussion, we settled on a reconditioned vehicle from Cruise Canada. It appealed to us because it had been completely reconditioned and has a years’ warranty. It is a bit larger than what we need, but it is sound and will provide us with a hard roof over our heads as we cruise across Canada this summer to Pacific Rim Park. It will also be a place to stay when traveling south to Montreal.

No jokes please:

  1. We will NOT be wintering in Florida.
  2. We will not have a silly bumper sticker about being retired (we are NOT retired).
  3. We are NOT becoming members of KOA.
  4. We will NOT be wearing baseball hats and sitting under the awning of our camper with a Coors light at 11:00 a.m.
  5. We will NOT be sleeping in Walmart parking lots.



7 thoughts on “No Longer Homeless

  1. Pictures? I’d love to see what your Cruise Canada looks like. We, too, have found the ground harder in recent years and our apprehension about bears growing. So, we’ve been looking at trailers but haven’t bought yet.

    Will you trip to the Pacific Rim include a stop in Sk?

    • Yes, Sharon, we are hoping to swing by on the way. We are stopping in Norquay on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border and hopefully Revelstoke. BC, Edmonton and Calgary. We have time and want to see as many people as we can. And … you don’t even have to provide a room, because ours is portable! Check – ours is the Standard RV.

  2. Don’t forget to buy a portable BBQ and colorful aluminum/plastic lawn chairs…you can get those cheap at Walmart!!!!!!!

      • Who? Me? What’d I say? LOL!!!!! Too bad our kids are grown up. I can see them sitting under the colored patio lights (with every 3rd one burnt out….) drinking beer from a can wearing IQ reducer caps with the oversized brims bent sideways. And I see you yelling “mein gott”!!!!!!!! as you chase a bear with your bear bells (like the ones that worked so well when we were hiking in the Rockies). The only thing missing from this scene is your mother working on building a great camp fire, and my mother raking and sweeping the ground around the camper! You know this whole RV thing is morphing into something beyond your control LOL!!!!

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