What’s up at Waswanipi

Andy’s students were invited to an open house at the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre at Waswanipi, about a three-hour drive south-west. I tagged along for the experience.

The vocational centre is an expansive complex set up for programs in nursing (I was deemed “healthy” by the technicians who took my vitals), ore extraction, food & beverage services, cooking (excellent chocolate chip cookies…), carpentry, heavy equipment mechanics, accounting, essential skills & adult education (I passed the high school equivalency test!). There is a residence for students who have families, single parents with children and students from outlying regions, as well as a cafeteria.

The students find employment within their communities, in daycare centres, old age homes, or outside their communities in mining and as heavy equipment operators in the developing north.

This amazing centre could easily rival a southern Quebec CEGEP .


2 thoughts on “What’s up at Waswanipi

  1. Interesting!
    How many students do they have at this VTC?
    How did you manage to pass the high school equivalency test? Did you do an all-nighter?
    If all your vital signs are normal – at your advanced age – it must be the clean air you breathe in and the organic moose meat (and whatever else Andy’s students hunt) you eat up there. Enjoy the stress-free lifestyle – it’s good for you.

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