Walkers and Walking out Ceremony

Image of Walking Out Ceremony

Image of Walking Out Ceremony

A notice for a Walking Out Ceremony on snowshoes was posted on the bulletin board at Meechum. This ceremony occurs when a girl or boy is introduced to the community and to the traditional roles they will play.

A beautiful description of this ceremony can be found at http://www.creeculture.ca.

The idea of toddlers taking their first snowshoe walk and the ceremony involved was irresistible. I had planned to attend.  Also, at noon, the “Walkers” (see link below) would be welcomed on the final leg of their journey. I wanted to witness this too.

Over the last few days, I had watched the construction of smaller longhouses, set up for the ceremonies. These structures were erected skilfully and quickly, with spruce flooring, and a tent stretched over a wood frame.

Some of Andy’s students had slipped out at lunch time for a moose rib or two.

By the time we arrived at the site, after Andy finished work, it was too late. We do miss a lot of local events because they are announced in Cree on the local radio station.

It wasn’t too late for the town’s dogs. We found them gnawing on moose hoofs, with hide still on.

Here is a link about the walkers.



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