Driving Back into Winter

The drive back was the usual journey through the elements:  rain, freezing rain and snow. The roads are generally in good repair; however, there are many sections with soft shoulders, not leaving much maneuverability for our RV, especially with huge logging trucks lumbering at us.

We left at 5:00 a.m. and stopped for a hot bacon & egg breakfast at a truck stop. Thick ham sandwiches made with leftovers from Easter dinner and a thermos of tea provided an en route lunch.

Back here, I realize how much I miss my boisterous family, with conversation threads that would take a lifetime to unravel, threads woven over generations of family dinners, BBQ’s, celebrations of life’s events.

It’s too still here.  Maybe I should get a kitten?

The Family

The Family


5 thoughts on “Driving Back into Winter

    • I miss my animals, including the little critters in my backyard in Pointe claire, the squirrels and birds.
      I will think about a kitten, that can be customized to our vagabond life!

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