You’re Closer to Home than you Think!

Two of the Town's Dogs

Two of the Town’s Dogs

The purpose of today’s walk:  To photograph yellow dogs for a painting I am working on in collaboration with friend’s very talented daughter. I have absolutely no artistic ability, so I am providing her with digital and verbal details.

For the first time out walking, I actually met several groups of teachers. The weather is now warmer, and teachers work during the week when I am usually out walking, so this was a pleasant diversion, as we exchanged pleasantries.

As is typical when I meet people, I try to plot them on the earth’s grid. The teachers at Mistissini are not just from Quebec, but from the Maritimes and Ontario as well.

Two of the women I met were from Montreal, so we were able to narrow it down.

“I’m from Pointe Claire, actually,” I tell them.

The Blue House on Golf

The Blue House on Golf

“Oh, yes!” one said. “Near Cedar Park?”

”Yup,” I nodded, “Golf Avenue.”

“Which house?” she asked.

“The blue one.”

“Oh,” she cried, “I put an offer in on it! But I hadn’t sold my house in Beaconsfield yet, so I had to buy a house in Baie d’Urfe.”

“But that house had such a nice feel to it ….” She added.

Out of the blue …


4 thoughts on “You’re Closer to Home than you Think!

    • No, not feral. They are the town’s dogs. Most of them seem to be golden lab mixes. I was walking in a snowstorm when I first saw them. What stood out was the yellow colour against the snow. Hence: Yellow dogs.
      While I was photographing the dogs, I had offers to take some home.
      “If i could, I would have 10 dogs!” I told them; however, our landlord won’t allow it.
      BTW, I don’t miss the house on Golf at all. I miss what the house contained, the dinners and family, but the house … no. The new buyer was right to gut it and rebuild from the inside out.

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