Bootleggers up North and Indian Comfort Food

It is raining today and a very strong wind is blowing over the lake. In this wind, the house feels like a living and breathing entity, grabbing a lungful of air, expanding its girth, hovering for a few moments, and then rapidly deflating, as if the air is being sucked out of it. When this happens, the doors and windows rattle loudly in their frames. I am certain they’d be thrown open and banged shut, if they weren’t securely closed off for the winter.

This weather means it’s a perfect day for Indian comfort food … butter chicken, matar paneer, fresh naan and basmati rice. I made paneer early in the morning, stirring lemon juice into boiled milk, watching the milk separate into soft curds, which I then I pressed into a small disk and let sit all day to drain. Later the paneer would be cut into cubes to add to the fragrant green pea curry.

I also made naan, preparing the silky, stretchy dough in my bread machine. Everything was perfect. But where was the beer? Can’t have Indian food without a cold, crisp beer.

We called a colleague who was in Chibougamau for the day and asked if he could kindly bring us four Rolling Rock from Maxi. The doorbell rang. I opened the door and looked both ways and we make a quick clandestine exchange of cash and beer.

Does this make us bootleggers?


4 thoughts on “Bootleggers up North and Indian Comfort Food

  1. Absolutely! Shame on you two; and don’t be surprised when the bootlegger police knocks on your door and takes you where all the other illegally drinking natives were taken. To you healthy!
    p.s. With all the Indian cooking I have done over the decades, I have not attempted to make naan. Congratulation, my hat goes off to you.

  2. Drinking is not illegal, just the sale of it is here in town. Our house is owned by a security/police officer and he has a wine rack built in the kitchen. He left us a bottle of wine as a welcoming present. Alcohol cannot be sold in local stores and restaurants or anywhere … so i guess it was an illegal transaction! Yes, but the beer was so cold and so good!

  3. Next thing you know you’ll be running rum!! But I agree – Indian food goes very well with beer – a sweet, fruity white wine. Hmmmmm….I may have to abet you in your illegal activity!

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