Subaru at Chibougamau

We drove into Chibougamau after work to take my car in for servicing. Andy was told that a good place to eat was a hotel restaurant, named after two Shakespearean characters. On our way out of the garage, we asked one of the service people at the counter, if indeed, this was a good place to eat.

“If you want something special, that’s where you go,” was the response.

Andy was served a hamburger plate with light brown phlegmy gravy, which he said tasted about as bad as it looked. A couple of cubes of boiled turnip and carrot accompanied it. The hamburger had grill markings on it, such as the ones bought frozen from the grocery store and it tasted overwhelmingly of BBQ sauce, even though there was no sauce on it. My Caesar salad consisted of rather limp romaine, covered with a swirl of bottled dressing. Mounded on top was a pile of coarsely grated cheddar cheese and little pink bits, which may have been artificial bacon. The special pasta I ordered was spaghetti covered with sauce made from a can of diced tomatoes with a few vegetables chopped into it. However, our Coors Lights were fresh and tasty.

We had no dessert or coffee. The bill came to $68.00, not including tip.

You can take the girl out of Montreal, but not the Montreal out of the girl.

From now on we cook at home or try to solicit more invitations to feasts.


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