The Cat came Back!

Mikou is back with us for a couple of days. His owner messaged me and asked if we could mind the cat. She was taking her baby to Montreal for medical appointments.

Mikou is right back at home. He immediately demonstrated his knowledge of the litter box, checked his food dish and went for a nap on his favourite bed.

I will enjoy his sweet companionship for the next few days.


2 thoughts on “The Cat came Back!

  1. That’s really good news. He couldn’t get better pet parents.Francois asked me why it is that you don’t take him with you in the camper. He said that if you leave two windows open when you go out for the day, he will have plenty of air circulation, and it will not get too hot inside the BIG camper.

    • We actually gave it consideration, but after a test run to Chibougamau with the RV, we realize it isn’t going to work. With our many stops and windows open, he’d be out in a flash. He already got his paw caught in the automatic window. Keeping him in the pet carrier while driving and moving each day is difficult. If we come south for a couple of weeks and stay at one place, there shouldn’t be a problem to bring him. Andy and I went to visit the couple that will mind the cat. He’s a retired art teacher and she is a school principal. They are absolutely lovely and just lost their cat and have agreed wholeheartedly to mind him for us.

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