Visitors come North

There’re Here!

One of my oldest and dearest friends and her daughter drove from Toronto to spend a week visiting. I was concerned how to keep these sophisticated city women entertained. What could possibly interest them?

They came prepared, armed with Deep Woods Off and extra SPF suntan lotion, bear bells (!!) and good walking shoes. We wandered around town and I delighted in seeing the local sights through their eyes. They took pictures of everything. Every shrub (which I thought was just another shrub) and tree was identified and scrutinized. I learned to distinguish swallowtail butterflies from moths and learned that tamaracks are, indeed, larches.

Elder’s Point wasn’t operational for the summer yet, but we walked around Murray’s Lodge, which is abandoned for the summer and moved closer to town. I also saw “the Beach” for the first time. It was well-groomed, had tall lifeguard chairs and picnic tables with roofs for protection from the sun and rain.

The night before my friends had to return home, we had a scrumptious moose stew with dumplings and a wild rice salad. The day before, one of our freezers died, and we had to quickly amalgamate all frozen goods into one. There was little room for the large turkey left by our landlord, which he said we could have it, so we had Christmas dinner in June!

And we walked and talked and walked and talked some more and drank many pots of tea. The words flowed and so did the wine!  More visitors please!


One thought on “Visitors come North

  1. It was awesome! We had an amazing time. We have to thank you guys for so much. Really, it was an profound and enlightening trip in many ways. And, yeah, I’m coming back to visit – come hell or high water! 😉

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