Gunshots in the Dark

Summer has the town teeming with life; kids on bikes, toddlers playing in sandy front yards, toys abound. And teenagers after twilight … and it goes on all night.

At four this morning, what we thought were coyotes howling, were actually people. This went on for a while.

We were used to this weekend raucousness from our Pointe Claire Village days, where summer festivities and popular bars kept the village area alive until 4:00 a.m. When the bars closed, that’s when we would often hear groups of young people from local GEGEPS and Universities wander the streets, laughing and shouting.

But last night was different. We heard gunshots. Three of them, to be exact. One sounded like it was from a neighbouring home.

According to our landlord, who is a police inspector, shootings are not as common as stabbings and beatings. I have actually never seen a gun here. To retrieve a gun and load it, is not as instantaneous as grabbing a knife from the kitchen drawer.

I am sure we’ll hear what happened.  It’s a small town after all …


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