The Cat is Ours

Mikou has come to stay!

We were minding Mikou for his owner, who had to travel to Montreal for medical appointments and it was time to return him. I messaged the owner and mentioned how much I missed my cats. I also asked if her son was willing to give him up for adoption or sell him to me.

Immediate answer:  Sell!

Cats are not highly-regarded pets here. When I told one of Andy’s students that I wasn’t able to attend a cultural event at a local school because I had to take the cat to the vet, he rolled his eyes.

“Cat!” he scoffed. “Plastic bag, tie a knot and into the lake!”  He gestured how he would do this.

When I told one of Andy’s colleagues about the impending sterilization, he offered to perform the procedure … something to do with dental floss and elastic bands.

“No, thanks,” I told him. “I want the cat to hate the vet not me!”


2 thoughts on “The Cat is Ours

  1. From cruelty (drowning), to thriftyness (elastic band), to funny (let him hate the vet) – all in one blog! Wow, the experiences you are gaining on the reservation are priceless. So glad the native’s reality hasn’t rubbed off on you, and you opted for the more humane procedure. A small price to pay to stop future drownings!

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