A Fawn and a Rabbit

Fawn and Rabbit

Fawn and Rabbit

We were sitting on a friend’s patio, nestled deep in a valley in North Nanaimo, sipping Manhattans.

A deer grazed on a neighbour’s lawn. On Vancouver Island, the deer are quite small, not much larger than a fair-sized dog.

A rabbit hopped out from under a bush.  He stopped, ears twitching, and continued towards the deer. The deer looked up, without raising her head, and soon the two animals touch noses. A moment later, the deer is grazing again and the rabbit has hopped off.

Here is a picture of a deer that my uncle took in his backyard.  The cat and deer were actually closer, but he didn’t capture it on film.  This is the closest I have to capture that fleeting moment.


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