The Bear was There

Made it to Mile 101!

Made it to Mile 101!

We were welcomed back home by a bear.  It was most likely the same bear I saw in June, before traveling across Canada during our summer off.

We saw him just outside of Chiboubamau.  This time he didn’t dart off into the woods, but sat on his haunches, by the road, watching the cars go by.  How he survived the summer so close to the reserve is remarkable.

The house was intact, a tad stuffy from a summer of being sealed off.  A mountain of mail awaited us.

We traveled as far west as Tofino on Vancouver Island and as far north as Mile 101 on the Alaska Highway past Dawson Creek. We drove up the parched countryside of interior BC, the harrowing, soft-shouldered roads through mountain passes, to Peace River and onto Pacific Rim Park.

I wondered how I would feel coming back to an isolated community after weeks of visiting friends and relatives, and enjoying our great beautiful land.

But when we turned onto the road flanked by statuesque black spruce and viewing the glittering lake, I realized that this, was indeed, where I wanted to be.


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