I’ve always been quite content to be alone; my days pass in a hum of activity, baking, walking, writing, reading, but Wednesday was an especially social day.

One of Andy’s student’s 8 year old daughter, Sarah, had a ped day and her mom was working.  So, Sarah and I spent the day picking flowers, playing with the cat, making a collage from an old Sears catalogue. In the afternoon, we had a tea party (with hot chocolate). Pierre Bureau and his wife, France took care of our cat, Mikou, over summer and came for afternoon tea (real tea this time).  Just before dinner, my brother and mother arrived from Montreal to stay a week. One of Andy’s colleagues arrived to have dinner with us.

I miss the bustle of activity and visitors from my old home in Pointe Claire.

Wish all my days would be full of such warmth and activity.


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