Mikou helping write my blog

Mikou helping write my blog

Our cat escaped, again, while I was bringing in groceries. He often slithers out, but returns immediately.

This time it was different. After much calling, clamouring of fork tines against a food tin and rattling of his treat jar, no answer.

I settled down to wait …

I heard loud stomping on our wraparound porch. I checked outside and saw three very alert dogs on the porch sniffing the air, tails stiff, ears erect, obviously on hunt mode. Two little girls are standing on the adjacent lot (later introduced as Kelsey and Agnes), watching the dogs, wide-eyed.

“Have you seen a cat?” I asked them.

“We saw the dogs chase something, but we didn’t know what it was,” they answered.

“Did it look like a rabbit? Or a lynx?”

“Oh yes, a lynx!” they agreed.

I explained that it was actually a breed of cat that looks like a lynx.

They had last seen it head under our house, dogs in pursuit.

Andy had a restless night, worrying about Mikou. At four in the morning, he was finally able to convince the cat to decide to come in. My guess is that Mikou was frightened stiff by the dogs and needed time to venture out from wherever he was under the house.

Andy triumphantly plunked a purring Mikou on the bed.

“He’s home,” he sighed.

Must keep a better eye on him.  How we become attached to our pets …


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