Slipping Sliding back into Autumn in Montreal

Golden Birch from our Window

Golden Birch from our Window

It snowed last night. Not the pretty first snowfall of early December, with the promise of seasonal lights and festivities, but a thick layer of wet slush. Glad my snow tires are on, since we will be traveling to Montreal, where Andy will undergo two weeks of teacher training workshops.

Here autumn, which lasts scarcely a minute, was spectacular. The yellow larches and birches glinted between the black spruce. No reds at all, but the yellows varied from green-yellow to deep, tarnished gold depending on the state of transformation. But I still I miss the reds and russets of southern Quebec’s maples.

I also miss the preparations of the season, putting my garden to sleep, pruning straggly bushes, digging up the last carrots and potatoes, and placing green tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill to ripen further.

I miss crunching a freshly-picked mac at Quinn’s Farm, the garden displays of orange pumpkin people and tubs of mums, the scent of woodfires, and the crunch of leaves …

There’s lots to do for the two weeks I am back home, aside from various necessary appointments, as Andy will be occupied for the most part of the day.


  1. Walk around my old neighbourhood in the West Island to look at people’s fall displays of pumpkin people, straw bales and tubs of mums.
  2. Crunch a freshly-picked mac at Quinn Farm and breathe in the scent of Mrs. Quinn’s deep dutch apple pies and muffins.
  3. See an English movie or two – in a cinema, with popcorn. Of course we have legally downloaded films and shows, but the velvety darkness of a cinema, the buttery popcorn smell, the excitement of previews beckon me.
  4. Take out Indian food from our favourite restaurant at St. Anne de Bellevue to share with my cousin and his family (with cold beers and topped off with his girlfriend’s special Brazilian coffee).
  5. Take my mom to Costco so she can stock up with nuts and dried fruits for her legendary stollen, spritzgebak and spice cakes for Christmas.
  6. Meet up with a couple of girlfriends who have moved to Toronto at Kingston or Gananoque to walk, talk and shop.
  7. Have a Harvey’s all dressed burger (no onions) and side of onion rings with colleagues from my former workplace.
  8. Have a foamy, steamy coffee with a design etched into the froth (even though I don’t like coffee, they are so pretty to drink).
  9. Spend time with my son, whose birthday coincides with our trip.
  10. Visit with my lovely step-daughter.  Hope she can make it down from Ottawa.
  11. Squeeze in some lunches and dinners with friends and former colleagues.
  12. NaNoWri?  sigh …

I’m exhausted already!


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