Great Whales and Polar Bears?

Would YOU like to live here?

Would YOU like to live here?

The lake has started to freeze over, tufts of white on tarnished silver. Winter is coming … yes I am a Game of Thrones fan.

I love winter. I look forward to pulling out my skies and ‘real parka’ – not my West-Island-Going-to-Fairview-Parka. I look forward to gathering dogs, who seem to delight in human company when not many people are outside.

We don’t know if we’ll be here for the entire winter. Andy’s contract is up in February, when his students graduate. There are no plans of offering another cabinet making program, as not one job has resulted from all the years the program was offered. The decision was made by higher powers. Since this decision was made, three of Andy’s students found jobs in the community, building shelving, cabinets, etc. with requests from the band council and community members for more work. However, the decision was made and funds have been reallocated, shop will now house an electricity program.  To restate the program would take many meetings, negotiations and study. It won’t be soon. Andy is looking at administration jobs.

There is a possibility of a job in a fly in community to teach Northern Building Maintenance. Fly?  I hate to fly … but I googled the area of Whapmagoostui on Hudson’s Bay at the mouth of the Great Whale River. The community shares land with the Inuit settlement of  Kuujjuarapik.

We aren’t ready to leave here. We might go north and I will learn how to fly!


4 thoughts on “Great Whales and Polar Bears?

  1. Winter has it’s own special beauty and I can only imagine how magnificent it must be up there. And, when one door closes…another will open. I know that where ever you go, it will be an adventure! I’ll try to come and visit no matter where you end up. Love to ya both!!

    • It still isn’t 100% certain, but from what I’ve seen from some photos, it is very stunning. There’s even a couple of hostel type hotels. We would be allowed three trips out. Flights are very expensive. I think there’s a boat that does the rounds from community to community during the summer months. Want to hop a barge?

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