You Married a White Woman!

We live in a community where I am a visual minority, let alone blonde, of which I am told, there is only one other. I never thought much about what happened at yesterday’s feast, until someone posted a video on my facebook page.

Last night we met a man, who introduced himself as Harry.

Here’s the conversation:

Harry:  You’re not from here (he’s looking at Andy). You’re not native, are you?

Andy:  Yes I am, Anishinabe.

Harry:  From where?

Andy:  The Key Reserve in Saskatchewan. (Andy gives a short synopsis)

Harry:  And you married a white woman?

Andy:  Yes, this is Andi, my wife. Why don’t you ask her where she’s from (I have found that, older men especially do not address women directly)

Me:  Where do you think I’m from? (I lower my glasses so he can see me better)

Harry: I don’t know. You just look white. He flicked his hand at me and wandered off.

We chuckled about this on the way home. But now I wonder if I missed something.


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