Merrily we Roll Along

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Christmas, Frohliche Weinachten, Blessings at Solstice, and a very belated Happy Hanukkah.

Tomorrow we will be leaving for Montreal. We’ll be on the road before sunrise to maximize on daylight hours. Our first stop is Ottawa, where we will spend a couple of days to shop, see an English movie or two, and visit with Andy’s daughter who just received her Master’s designation.

It does look like Christmas here. The village is lit up with festive lights. I’m glad I put aside a small box of ornaments aside when we moved here. We found our tree in the forest, while trying out our new snowshoes. After we cut it down, we realized how sparse and lopsided it was, but didn’t have the heart to take down another one. After it was decorated, it didn’t look quite so sad.

It is cold enough for the lake to have frozen over. At night, the lake is dotted with lights, like fireflies as the skidoos careen back and forth. We’ve been dressing in many layers of clothes. Both of us have big mitts sewn out of moose hide by Cree women of the community, which fit over regular mitts.

The new year brings new adventures as Andy’s next teaching job will be in a fly-in community of Whapmagoostui Hudson’s Bay, at the mouth of the Great Whale River. This will be an interesting experience. My fear of flying is only exceeded by my fear of bears, and there are polar bears up where we are going.

We send our warmest greetings and hope the New Year brings good health and happiness to our friends and loved ones.


4 thoughts on “Merrily we Roll Along

  1. Nice to hear from you and hope you have a great Christmas season and New Year! It ;has been cold here too, and we need a jacket to cut the grass or rake the leaves; down to 10 degrees the last two days. Not really, but it has been very dry and Mountain Washington Ski hill is not opened yet, only a couple feet of snow so far and it is usually the most snow covered in B.C. We hope to get out that way this summer but you never know what can come up. P.S. dogs like german snitzel a lot.


    • We had a great Christmas and are celebrating New Year’s at a feast at the community centre. Jessie is here and Jamie is coming up with my brother, so we’ll have a few days together to reenact Christmas with a turkey in our ‘own’ home. I am sorry that you have to cut your grass and rake leaves this time of year. Must be awful! Hope to see you in the Summer. We just have to know if the dogs prefer viener schnitzel or jaeger schnitzel.
      All the best to you and Karen xxx

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