I can hear my tires sing!


Frosted Daughter

Frosted Daughter

How cold was it during the cold snap? At St-Félicien Zoo, on January 2nd, an attendant explained that the zoo was semi-operational due to the cold, but we could walk through anyways. She said that -50 was reported at nearby Roberval, and it was currently -45 at the zoo. The monkeys were kept indoors, but the tigers had climbed to the highest elevation possible and were soaking up the thin sunlight. The camels and horses from Mongolia seemed happy munching away on hay strewn on the snow.

It was so cold that:

1.  I could hear my tires sing on our drive to the Saguenay, a low-frequency hum – frozen rubber rubbing against frozen pavement.

2.  Jessie’s eyelashes froze when we walked across the lake to see what was on the other side (camps and lots of trails, outhouses, etc.)

  • 3.  Jamie’s imitation leather jacket froze when we walked from the hotel to a local pub at St-Félicien. When he moved his arms, the jacket cracked – loudly. He had to walk with his arms straight to keep his jacket from disintegrating.

4.  I found myself curtailing fluid intake, taking into consideration the length of time it would take to unpeel layers of clothes for fluid output.

5.  I finally made use of all those fruit-scented moisturizing creams I received as gifts over the years to soothe cracked, peeling, chafing skin …

Camels from Mongolia

Camels from Mongolia

Even the polar bear looked cold!
Even the polar bear looked cold!

Tigers on a hill absorbing sunlight

Tigers on a hill absorbing sunlight


2 thoughts on “I can hear my tires sing!

  1. During the gold rush era in BC people imported camels then let them go. They survived for years on their own. It is presumed that grizzlies, etc., eventually got them.

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