Ice Crystals and Diamond Dust

Sun Dog

Sun Dog

Ice Halo or

Ice Halo or

Andy called me from his shop this morning.

“Go look at the sun,” he said. “There are rainbows around it.”

I moved to an east-facing window and glanced at the sun, but saw nothing but a yellow glow.

“Get dressed. I’m picking you up in five minutes.”

I had planned a lazy morning with absolutely no computer time or work.

“If you don’t see this, you will regret it,” he told me.

I quickly dressed and we drove to a clearing to see the expanse of the phenomenon. It felt so cold, -45, by my estimates. The air was shimmering crystals in the bright light. I photographed the double rainbow around the sun, but my hands were freezing and it was so bright … The photos were taken just before 10:00 a.m. Andy’s Cree students said they’ve never seen this before.

I posted some pictures and a few friends responded that they were sun dogs. A google search indicated “ice halos” and the even prettier moniker, “ice diamonds”. Whatever this is called, it was the first time I’ve ever witnessed it and I was awestruck.

I will always remember where I was the day I saw rainbow ice crystals around the sun.


2 thoughts on “Ice Crystals and Diamond Dust

  1. I’ve never seen a sun dog. I was walking on air all day, it was so beautiful. Apparently, they are not as rare as I thought. I grew up in a suburb of a major city, and natural phenomena was not always as visible. Look forward to seeing the Northern Lights at our new setting. Keep warm!

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