White, Bright Light

Big White Hudson's Bay

Big White Hudson’s Bay

It is bright outside, snow reflecting the sun’s glare off the frozen bay. There is nothing to break up the light … no trees or clouds.  The roads are white as well.

We’ve noticed different housing styles for the Cree and Inuit. The Inuit homes are on stilts and built tall, reminiscent of homes we’ve seen by the sea in Newfoundland. In Newfoundland houses were built like this so they could easily be moved inland when storms were anticipated.  But I don’t think this is the case here. Perhaps something to do with permafrost.

Andy got his truck.  A bit battered, with a rusty stain on one side (blood?).  The steering didn’t work, but we managed to limp it to a garage.  A mechanic came out, lifted the hood, had a quick look, grabbed a piece of plastic hose and attached it to something somewhere, all in a few seconds.  The steering works now.

Andy parked the truck at the school board. While he was inside, two people came by to borrow the truck keys to run errands, asking Andy if it was OK.  It’s fine with him, because on 8 km. of roads, how far could can anyone go?

The house is ready for our shipment which arrived today. Finally, our own sheets and pillows and a home-cooked meal!

Bliss …





6 thoughts on “White, Bright Light

  1. Our first meal? Old-fashioned spaghetti! No, not pasta, but spagetti with a meat, veggies simmered in a tomato sauce. Oh, yes, and a fresh flax-seed bread fresh out of the bread machine. Our own duvets and sheets … pillows is another saga (see response to Sharon above).

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