Walkabout Town

I’ve done a couple of walkabouts around town and have mentally mapped such important structures as the Northern Store, the Co-op, the arena (should I ever decide to start a fitness program), and the pool. My trick is to orient myself to the Great Whale River and Hudson Bay to not to become hopelessly lost. Even if I did become lost, how far could I go?

It is not as cold as it is windy.  When the wind blows off the frozen bay, it is brutal.

Every house has several skidoos out front and there are a surprizing number of cars and trucks.

The dogs, mostly huskies and husky mixes, are very guarded and don’t follow me, but watch me suspiciously.

Today I found a caribou hoof on the side of the street. Andy mentioned that when he attended a meeting at the local school, students had two entire caribou laid out on the floor to practice skinning and butchering. The hoof was probably thrown out for the dogs.

The people of both communities are very friendly and many have welcomed us with big smiles.

Andy went to the bar again after a few days. We didn’t want to go back to have a beer, but hoped to pick up two beers and bring them back to the hotel. Apparently, there are no “take-outs.”  But he met a guidance counsellor from the Maritimes, who watched his plight. After a quick chat, he asked Andy and I to come over and have a beer with him, which we did after considerable thought. We listened to his tales and stories and ended up ordering a pizza (yes, pizza is possible at a price). More people came up to us and welcomed us, introducing themselves and offering their hands. It was a much more pleasant experience than our first one.


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