Let’s Hook Up!

Our phone rang this morning. We looked at each other, questioning that unfamiliar sound. It was our first phone call. Bell was on the line to announce that our phone was now operational. We have Internet too!  A different provider, s l o w … but it works. Until now, we’ve been using the computers set up at the hotel. I called family members and spent the afternoon catching up and just listening to their voices, imagining they were closer. It is so different living in a flyin community. At Mistissini, we always had a choice of driving to the Saguenay for a getaway weekend or even braving the nine-hour drive to Montreal. Not that we did it often, but the choice was there. I miss my little Subarau, which is lovingly being cared for by my brother.

Our belongings finally arrived with remarkably little breakage. Everything was frozen, but survived, except for a jar of celery root (a German specialty).

The house is a standard teacher issue: A semi-detached, two bedrooms, one of which we converted into an office, a large eat-in kitchen and living room. Perfectly functional, with brown carpets and linoleum flooring in the kitchen and bath.

The front of our house faces south, so the kitchen and livingroom are bathed in sunlight.

After unpacking, we had lots of boxes that were not salvageable. We drove a truckload to the “Canadian Tire” or the dry goods dump. This is the dump where people can find parts for just about anything. There was even a school bus submerged in the snow.

Large crows circled the other “kitchen scrap” dump. Thought I might see a bear there.  Maybe next time.




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