Scent of a Soup and Bread

A house is not a home until you’ve cooked a big pot of soup such as a family favourite – curried roasted butternut squash, and baked a good seedy bread.

The house smells divine!

The kitchen is pretty much operational. I am still reaching in the wrong places for utensils and dishes, and still careful about what I leave on the counter, even though our cat is now with dear friends down south.

Prices are high and vary at the local two stores, a Co-op and Northern Store, so it helps to shop around. In one store, butter was $8:49 a pound and at the other $5.99 a pound.

We’ve figured out how to have grocery stores down south ship to us, as we have a shipping allowance.

Fresh fruit is available, but very expensive. Why do I suddenly crave shiny green grapes and fresh, ripe strawberries so much?


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