Cut Off From the World

No internet all weekend. How dependent we’ve become. No news updates, no funny youtube downloads, no facebook or emails. My smart phone is in Montreal, since it wouldn’t work here.

In Mistissini, we didn’t have cable and were quite happy to watch news programs and pull up newspapers on our computer screens. Here that is not always possible. Even opening a simple attachment is touch and go – a few spurts of tape and sound and then a deep freeze, if you can even open it.

It took me half a day to download a single book from KOBO. This would take seconds normally. Downloading can take up to 3-4 hours and usually there is a failure message and the procedure has to be restarted. I waited for the election results in Quebec and was finally able to log on to CTV a day later. A whole day!

Back to old fashioned TV, which is available. We need a satellite dish for this are looking into it. This way we can watch the morning news and keep up to date with the world.



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