Erratic Boulders on the Bay

Boulders and the Bay

Boulders and the Bay

We took an afternoon walk along Hudson Bay on Sunday. It was sunny and warm, about -17, not factoring in the windchill. I put on my medium-cold jacket (here you need three jackets, one for weather just below freezing, one for about -20 to -30 and one for when it is colder than that).

Surprizingly, outside town there is an intricate mesh of roads and trails, which lead to camps. Some appear to be skidoo or ATV routes, and others are wide enough for a truck. We followed along the frozen bay and headed up a series of rounded hills, swept bare by the fierce winds. The rocky surface is covered with rust, brown, black and green algae and lichens. The landscape is sparse, with thin, scrubby trees, sticking up like bristles. There is forest inland, but not as far as we could see. We found a large boulder atop one of the hills, a residue from the last glacial period – a glacial erratic, I recall from my geography studies. It was perched on a hill, seemingly ready to roll. Too curious, I clambered up to have a better view. I saw the expanse of the bay and the Manitounuk Islands. These islands consist of a chain, which runs parallel to the coast, providing a safe haven for birds, seals, and whales.

The sun was so warm and the air so pure. Next time I will bring a thermos of tea and savour the views.

It has been said that upon arrival you either love it here, or hate it. Today I loved it.


7 thoughts on “Erratic Boulders on the Bay

  1. I wish I could see it also. It sounds breathtakingly beautiful. I look forward to reading about what it will be like once the ice and snow have melted and spring arrived. Keep us posted, your blogs are so interesting. Thanks, Andi

    • We are going for a long walk tomorrow and will bring a thermos of tea.
      The weather is beautiful today, just hovering around zero. Happy Easter! Will miss you all back home. xxxxxx

    • It is very starkly beautiful. I’ve always enjoyed being above the treeline, which is kinda what it is like here … the air is clearer, less noise and scents. Miss you, especially on days when the family used to all be together.

  2. I believe there is much to love in the natural setting of Hudson Bay – I have no personal experience, although I hope to one day travel there, but I’ve seen a lot of films, videos and photographs. Glad you’ve discovered the beauty…
    Btw…editor’s hat on for a sec…clamoured vs clambered…I think you mean the latter, but you never know…:)
    And p.s. – missing you guys….

    • You’d love it here Sharon, and I can imagine you taking beautiful photographs.
      Spelling and language were always my most hated subjects. I thank spell check every day, but it doesn’t catch everything. Thank goodness it doesn’t stop me for writing!

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