The March Air

I have this week off as it is March break, which coincides with Easter, on the Inuit side. I spent the first couple of days catching up on paper work, writing, reading, and rereading my few paperbacks. Will I soon be desperate enough to handle Andy’s western Louis L’Amour books?

Note to myself:  Make sure to download lots of books on my playbook when south.

By Tuesday, I was caught up and had some letters to mail, so I grabbed my backpack to pick up a few groceries on the way.

At the Northern Store, I bought two liters of 1% milk, 500 ml. of sour cream and a small container of Compliments brand margarine. The total came to $9.97.  I think that certain products, such as milk, are subsidized.

All that powdered milk we shipped up was not really that necessary after all.


One thought on “The March Air

  1. have you tried It collects books whose copyrights have run out (so they’re older), but you can read them in an html version, which is easier for slower computers to handle. Try it! They have lots of categories!

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