Moonlighting as a Prison Guard

I have been moonlighting at the local prison. A teacher at school mentioned that she occasionally works shifts at both police precincts. This sounded interesting, so I told her that if she needed someone to work a shift, to let me know.

I received a call from a constable, who asked if I could come in the next morning to work a shift, and to bring with me two pieces of ID (security check).

I wasn’t quite sure where they were located, since I am not known to frequent these institutions, so they sent a car to pick me up.

For now all I can say is that I was safe. It was made clear that under no circumstances whatsoever, even a suicide attempt or heart attack or seizure; I was not to unlock any doors. I had the necessary backup for that. I could pass meals, coffee, magazines, and blankets through the slot to the detainee.

I sat in front of a computer screen, which showed each cell, and made reports every 15 minutes or so. There was a TV I could watch and some magazines and paperbacks.

I think it is considered preferable to hire non locals for this type of job, since most people know each other and are related.

It certainly was a very interesting experience … lots to think about.


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