A good Good Friday

We awoke to another crystal clear day and decided to walk towards the dunes near the dump and perhaps glimpse some wildlife (or hopefully NOT glimpse wildlife as in bears …)

A pickup truck approached and the driver stopped and rolled down his window. He asked Andy how it was going at school and had a few questions about the program he is teaching. We spoke for a while and the driver continued his way into town.

“Who was that,” I asked Andy.

“I have no idea,” he shrugged and laughed.

Seems like lots of people know the newcomers, but we don’t know them … yet.



2 thoughts on “A good Good Friday

  1. Here, every newcomer is famous for at least fifteen minutes. Fortunately we are not interesting enough to be famous for more than that.

    Will miss you all so much this weekend … the kids, and your special easter egg and a yummy dinner with everyone.

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