Geese that head North for the Summer

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

We headed south, at the same time as the geese headed north. Another year, another goose break for the Cree. For the Inuit, this is not a significant occurrence, but when the whales first appear in the river, it is cause for celebration.

Upon arrival in Montreal, our senses almost exploded from the scents, colours and noise, but we adjusted quickly. Are people speaking louder?  Has traffic always been so noisy? There were lists of things to do, things to buy and people to see. We didn’t accomplish as much as we wanted.  Time does speed up in the south …


4 thoughts on “Geese that head North for the Summer

  1. Nice article – I noticed you didn’t mention all of the empty shot-gun shell casings and feathers encompassing the village….

  2. Time DOES speed up. I’ve experienced that before – time is completely subjective. When I was in Israel and Jamaica, I noticed that time passed very slowly and I could get a lot accomplished in a day. Vancouver & San Francisco are on the same schedule, Montreal and Boston are slightly faster and Toronto is insane – on par with New York City. Europe over all is slower… and, oddly enough Japan was sort of in the middle — I expected it to be faster. I’ve been fascinated by the properties of time for as long as I can remember. 🙂 Oh..and P.S. it was really great to see you while you were down here.

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