First White, now Brown

The Town is Brown

The Town is Brown

We left for Goose Break when everything was pristine and white.

Upon our return, we felt we had landed on an alien planet (anyone read “Dune”?)

Our world is now brown. How many shades of brown are there? Burnt-umber, tawny, ochre, ecru, sable, tan, russet, auburn, taupe …

Sand is everywhere … brown sand, brown silt, and brown dust. Like living at a beach house, or better yet, I recall a Japanese film of a woman who lived at the bottom of a dune, who endlessly slaved to keep the sand out. Sand fills our lungs, coats our hair. Forget about having clean shoes. They are all brown now. ATV and trucks leave billowing clouds of dust as I walk about town, leaving me choking and gasping. Should I wear a mask?

The streets are loose gravel on sand. Even the houses blend in, sage-green, brown brick, brown roofs, brown wood siding… The highlands are swept barren, and brown with winterkill mosses and crunchy, rusty lichens.

I never thought I’d wish for snow again so soon …




3 thoughts on “First White, now Brown

  1. You won’t have to go to a tanning salon, just put on some Tropicana sun oil, stand in the middle of the “dune” and have the wind take care of your tan!
    This spring it isn’t much different here, though, as we had a lot of ice built-up after the diverse storms. The city sent out the sand trucks, and much sand covers our roads still; iin some places it’s a couple of inches thick!
    Any sign of grass coming up yet? I assume that at this stage you wouldn’t mind a few dandilions even, right?
    At least you have the smiling faces of the kids, who are happy to have you back again, to brighten your day,

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