Sew what?  Just Darn it!

I’ve been sewing and darning.

I never had much interest in women’s crafts. In girl guides, I wanted to be out making fires and looking for animal tracks instead of knitting potholders. I did some embroidery, though, because stitching flowers onto our jeans was part of my generation.

My grandmother did the darning for her family. After she passed, my mom took over.

“Give them to me,” she would say about our socks. “I like to have something to do when I watch my shows.”

Since our arrival, our socks have all developed holes. Should I ship them to my mother? Instead, I dug out an emergency sewing kit that contained a tube of a liquid hemmer and sew-on strips (used to hem pants with the heat of an iron). That was the extent of my sewing.

My emergency stash contained items my mom gave me about 30 years ago when I left home.

“You never know when you may need this.” I remember her smiling knowingly.

I found a darning needle, a wooden egg, which is inserted into a sock, and lots of thick yarn. After I sealed off several holes, I felt confident enough to sew together a ripped bed sheet.

Sewing is important in the North. I watched a youtube video of a traditional hunter, demonstrating survival skills.

“One of the most important things to have on a hunting trip,” he emphasized, “is a sewing kit.”

A torn parka or snow pants would leave a hunter exposed to the elements.  This could be critical at -50 degrees.

Hey, even hunters need to know how to sew. So can I!


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