Operation Samosa via Air Inuit

Samosas, courtesy of Google

Samosas, courtesy of Google

There are certain things we miss. Most things are readily available, at a price, but not everything.

We definitely miss our Friday night samosas. I often picked them up from a bakery that had freshly-baked samosas – beef or chicken filled, vegetarian, spicy …  Or we would pick up a bag of samosas or order a tray for parties from Alain’s Depanneur near our former home in Pointe Claire Village.

We formulated a plan.

First, we called Alain and asked him to prepare an order of samosas ready for pickup. Then we enlisted my West Island cousin to pick them up and bring them to the IGA from where we had our food shipped.

This involved another flurry of emails and phone calls. The wonderful woman at the IGA who handles shipments to Inuit communities, placed our samosas (along with a few cheese knishes) into a cooling compartment to be loaded onto Air Inuit along with our other food items.

Now, 24 hours later, after our initial phone call to Alain, we are enjoying a beer (also shipped from the IGA) and fresh samosas with chutney.

Can life get any better?


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