Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Air Inuit flight to Montreal

Air Inuit flight to Montreal

More like a propeller plane. We are south for the summer. The air is so thick, and it is so green, with tidy gardens and whispering maples. I must remember not to smile and greet random people here. I’ve had some strange looks …


Beads of Sweat

I attended a beading workshop. It’s very intricate, but the instructor made it look so effortless. The beads and needles are tiny. Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas.

Dehydrated Vegetables

We are preparing for our summer south. Cleaning out the fridge is one of our tasks. I found:

1. A wrinkled red cabbage

2. A spaghetti squash, with two small bruises, and a large one

3. A shriveled turnip

I soaked the cabbage and turnip, reviving them both. The turnip actually doubled in size.

The cabbage became “rot kohl” (my mom’s recipe for sweet and sour red cabbage), the turnip was cubed and cooked and the spaghetti squash baked. All the vegetables were sealed in ziploc bags and frozen for our return. Every vegetable counts!


Polar Bear!

Guess it's possible

Guess it’s possible

Andy and I headed to the Inuksuk to look over the stormy bay and enjoy a coffee (from the Northern Store). A group of kids were playing on the beach and swimming, with two leaders in charge, possibly from a summer program. We returned from a walk up the beach. The group had left by then. A truck pulled up and two worried parents asked where the kids were. I said that we hadn’t seen them for 20 minutes, and that they must have moved on.

“There was a polar bear track found on the beach, near the airport. It was fresh. They have it announced on the radio,” the woman said.

“Have you ever seen a polar bear in the summer?” I asked.

“No, only in the winter,” she said.

We headed into town and met one of Andy’s students. We asked if he had heard anything about a bear on the radio, since we don’t understand Cree.

“No, I haven’t heard anything, but I will get my gun!” he said.

We headed up the road paralleling the Bay. Where there more public service vehicles around that usual or was I imagining it? A search and rescue boat was chugging along the shoreline.

And just as I was getting comfortable walking the hills and with my marathon beach walks. I never would have imagined a bear here in July.

What Bugs Me

We took a hike off an ATV trail today. We climbed up a hill to see the view of the Great Whale River. It was very windy; hence no bugs. Then we decided to walk down to the river banks. We ended up bushwhacking our way down through dense underbrush. 45 minutes later, we were extremely hot (it must have been close to 30 degrees) and bitten all over. I’ve heard the bugs in the north can drive people insane … and it is true. We slapped away at big horse flies, deer flies and little black flies. What was worse than the bites was the continuous buzzing around our heads. Finally we gave up, having run out of water, and returned to higher ground.

At home, I saw the damage. Dozens of elevated dime-sized bites, with pieces missing in the middle, my eye swollen shut from one major bite and blood all over my tank top.

That morning, I had made a batch of bannock to cook on a stick over a small fire, and packed a small pot to brew labrador tea. That was not to be.

We did pick some labrador tea leaves and will have the bannock tonight in our screened-in home.