What Bugs Me

We took a hike off an ATV trail today. We climbed up a hill to see the view of the Great Whale River. It was very windy; hence no bugs. Then we decided to walk down to the river banks. We ended up bushwhacking our way down through dense underbrush. 45 minutes later, we were extremely hot (it must have been close to 30 degrees) and bitten all over. I’ve heard the bugs in the north can drive people insane … and it is true. We slapped away at big horse flies, deer flies and little black flies. What was worse than the bites was the continuous buzzing around our heads. Finally we gave up, having run out of water, and returned to higher ground.

At home, I saw the damage. Dozens of elevated dime-sized bites, with pieces missing in the middle, my eye swollen shut from one major bite and blood all over my tank top.

That morning, I had made a batch of bannock to cook on a stick over a small fire, and packed a small pot to brew labrador tea. That was not to be.

We did pick some labrador tea leaves and will have the bannock tonight in our screened-in home.




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