Polar Bear!

Guess it's possible

Guess it’s possible

Andy and I headed to the Inuksuk to look over the stormy bay and enjoy a coffee (from the Northern Store). A group of kids were playing on the beach and swimming, with two leaders in charge, possibly from a summer program. We returned from a walk up the beach. The group had left by then. A truck pulled up and two worried parents asked where the kids were. I said that we hadn’t seen them for 20 minutes, and that they must have moved on.

“There was a polar bear track found on the beach, near the airport. It was fresh. They have it announced on the radio,” the woman said.

“Have you ever seen a polar bear in the summer?” I asked.

“No, only in the winter,” she said.

We headed into town and met one of Andy’s students. We asked if he had heard anything about a bear on the radio, since we don’t understand Cree.

“No, I haven’t heard anything, but I will get my gun!” he said.

We headed up the road paralleling the Bay. Where there more public service vehicles around that usual or was I imagining it? A search and rescue boat was chugging along the shoreline.

And just as I was getting comfortable walking the hills and with my marathon beach walks. I never would have imagined a bear here in July.


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