And then there was Jack …

I spent the morning with my student with special needs. I enjoyed learning with him and learning how to teach him. I look forward to working with his brother.

And then there was Jack …

The Inuktitut teacher, who normally prefers to not have assistance in her class, asked if I could come in and help contain Jack.

Watching Jack every second, and helping my special needs student, was difficult. At one point Jack glared at me and said “You are supposed to be MY shadow.”
Maybe this is something to work with. Maybe he can earn the privilege of having a shadow?

I stayed after class to help the Inuktitut teacher remove sharp pencils from the ceiling tiles that Jack had imbedded. Fortunately he’s a small kid and if I keep out of his aim, he cannot do much damage. Last year he attacked a teacher with a hockey stick and she required stitches. Hmmm …. Should I request hazard pay?


One thought on “And then there was Jack …

  1. The school (board) is very fortunate to have found you! It takes a person with infinite patience to actually do or be good for and with children of special needs. A teaching certificate isn’t a guarantee that the child’s need is met. You are going with your gut feeling of what Jack needs -and please do not underestimate your B.A. psych-and you are hitting the jackpot! I am sure you feel good when you leave school…and not because of the money you made, right?

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