Teaching Culture to Inuit

Hand-sewn and embroidered slippers

Hand-sewn and embroidered slippers

The school’s principal caught me in the hall this morning and asked if I could substitute in the girls’ culture class.

“Sure,” I said.

I led the girls into the culture classroom, full of bins of yarns, furs, felt and beads.

Some of the older students were in the process of making anoraks and mitts. My group was too young for this and were still mastering the basics.

My sewing skills are sadly lacking. I never knitted, but I recall embroidering flower power daisies on my jeans.

So we practiced embroidering and cutting button holes into felt and “sewing lips on the mouth.”

I left my work on the table so the teacher could see what we were doing. I hope I don’t get a “D”, but I do believe I should get an “A” for effort.


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