Moose Nostrils on the Loop

We decided to ‘do the loop’ this morning. Walking, jogging or running the 5.5 kilometre loop just out of town is part of the lingo here.

After an eclectic potluck thanksgiving dinner the previous evening featuring Salvadorian, Korean, vegan, and traditionally Canadian fare followed by games and music making, a good walk was in order.

Two of Andy’s colleagues walked with us. We chatted and occasionally stooped to pick berries. In the distance we saw stationary ATV and a family standing on an exposed bit of rock.

“Maybe they are looking for berries. We should find out what kind,” I said, always eager to learn more about edible foods.

An elder bent over a pile of what looked like entrails.

“It’s moose nostril,” she explained. Her son had taken a large moose the day before, and she was preparing it. I’ve heard that the nose of a moose is a much coveted delicacy.

She grabbed a large blow torch and began to singe the nostril. Whether she was burning off the hair or cooking it, I have no idea. But for now I will stick to berries.


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